WhatsApp security-Top 10 tips for secure your whatsapp account.

Whatsapp security: It is most important for all WhatsApp users. Most people are using WhatsApp in today. We share all data, location, media etc. from one WhatsApp account to other accounts. Here is a question mark in front of us is Whatsapp safe for my data ?. All data, which am I sharing by Whatsapp to other is safe for me?. If you are looking for the solution, you want to more security to your Whatsapp account continue reading.

whtaspp security


Importance :

All people want to more secure to their Whatsapp account. Which is most important for an all users. But we are using Whatsapp but don’t know about to. How to secure a Whatsapp account from a hacker and other people. Here is how to give the best Whatsapp security to  Whatsapp account.

Here are top 10 tips for secure your Whatsapp account. Read and apply to your Whatsapp.


We all know that, If there is the android, there is security for the fingerprint scanner, app lock setting for more secure your apps, and phone.

there for do not use another third-party app, if you are using app lock that will be good and no problem for your security. There are many types of app lock for android. Use the genuine app for whats app.

If your device has good fingerprint and lock pattern in setting>security, then don’t download third party application for secure Whatsapp messenger. This section is for just remember.


There is a not available for pc version, So generally we will use  WhatsApp web for use WhatsApp in pc. This is not hacked by other devices. It is just a one form of WhatsApp.According to Whatsapp, we can use this in other devices.

If you don’t know what is WhatsApp web for pc. go to this link .https://web.whatsapp.com/. This is a one form of Whatsapp, where you can scan the barcode and log into pc with your same Whatsapp account.T o use this image showing instruction for setting up.whatsapp security

Some time we forget to close this Whatsapp web in a cyber cafe, which will lost our Whatsapp security.It is most important for security. So for log out all Whatsapp web, you can follow these steps.

  • click three point of home on top- right corner.

whatsapp security

  • Select the Whatsapp web option.

whatsapp security

  •  Click log out from all device.
  • whatsapp security
  • If you we will do this, you will log out from all devices. Where you are logged in.So that your WhatsApp will good no doubt for security.

3.ACTIVE TWO-STEP VERIFICATION (for Whatsapp security);

Most of we all don’t know about WhatsApp two-step verification.Which is most important for Whatsapp security. By enabling this two-step verification, Whatsapp will give us 6 numeric digit password. This password will ask us when we open Whatsapp in stating time, change location and period of moth. So that which two-step password help from hackers.

If a hacker hacks Whatsapp account, then Whatsapp ask first this two-step verification. So it is most important for Whatsapp security.

Follow this steps for enable two step verification,first of all go to :setting>account>two-step verificaion>enable>6-digit passward>email


i. Go to three points on top-right of what app homepage:

whatsapp security

ii.Then  Setting:

iii.the go to Account

whatsapp security

iv. Then two-step verification:

whatsapp security

whatsapp securityv.Enable

whatsapp security

vi.Set your 6-digit numerical password:(right will done by the youth world)

whatsapp security

whatsapp security

vii.Confirm 6-digit  password:

whatsapp security


viii. Give your  email/Gmail for forgetting passward:

whatsapp security


whatsapp security

By the above method, you can enable tow-step verification. Whatsapp user mostly does this.


To day whatsapp has a new update, it has given that end-to-encryption.What is end-to-end encryption?. End to-endcryption means. By details, If you are sharing, image, document, videos, data from your account to your friend, then only your friend can access that data.No one in middle person to will not access those data. This is called “end-to-encryption”.

So you have to check it by following method. If you will not do this then, how you will confirm that your data, which you send to your friend data will access other third party person or your friend. So it is most important for Whatsapp security.

follow this step to check this.


whatsapp security
process of end-to-encryption

Tell your friend check 60 digit number to match your number.You can scan also QR code of your friend. Result will be like this. If you can you friend encryption QRcode then it will show the right green color .so that we know that our data is only delivering to specific person.Which you want.

whatsapp security


This is also a most imortant process for Whatsapp security. When you are installing Whatsapp at that time WhatsApp will ask chat back up from cloud storage, generally from google. Many time when your unknow people get your gmail wich is registred with WhatsApp, then you may be lost your Whatsapp back up data and it is a risk for  Whatsapp security.

So always keep in mine for Disable cloud back up. The question is how can you backs

  1. Use a computer and go  here(login with Gmail which you used in Whatsapp)-https://drive.google.com/drive/my drive
  2. Then go to the top right-setting icon.
  3. setting
  4. manage apps
  5. WhatsApp messenger
  6. option
  7. Delete Hiden app data

Here is an image of the process;

whatsapp security


In Whatsapp security notification is most important for for WhatsApp security. Sometimes you may seen that “(CONTACT) SECURITY CODE CHANGED”.It is security for end-to-encryption process. If your friend will uninstall and again install, switch off then Whatsapp will show generally this message.

Therefore we will know that QR Code, the 60-digit number will change. So this notification is important.

For turn on security notification follow these steps;

  1. Click three point on Whatsapp home page
  2. Then Setting
  3. Click Account
  4. Then security
  5. Show security notification(click bottom)

There is a image

whatsapp security


One of the another most important thing for Whatsapp android is to keep a lock to Whatsapp. In Whatsapp, chat are most important so that, you have to keep a Whatsapp security code. From  your device is best for this propose. If you will not do this then Whatsapp security risk.Because other can read your Whatsapp chats. When you are not with your phone then other can see your WhatsApp data.

whatsapp security


Some time you have hoax message from an unauthorized third party. This message will be about, pay money, Gift, forward message etc.

1. Your WhatsApp account is selected to receive $5999.Please Send your account details for verification.

2. You won a great car pay @10,000 for receiving it in Mumbai by this account number-34565674367

3.forward this message, if you don’t forward it your family will die .if not your WhatsApp account will hack.

What to do?

Always advice for this type of massage block the sender, delete the message, don’t send to other. If you will send then your friends think you are a hacker, you want to hack their account.

whatsapp security


Some time you may receive this type of message.

In here

whatsapp security

In here https:/whatsapp.com/free-ticket is a suspicious link, If you recive this type message with link the not click on this link. Because there are many possibile in the modern age. One can access your account in a through a link. So it is most important not click delete link and not share to other people. Because it will be harmfull for your friends, the youth world.


If you receive any message from a spam contact number, don’t click any links on there.report as a spam message to whatsapp.inc.sometime you will receive the message, when you will see it, block contact number.report as a spam message. Don’t forward this message to other people. Because this will may harmfull for other.

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