The youth world | What is our duty for youth world .


The youth world

The youth world:Most of we know that world’s developement are defends on the duty of youth ,who are living in our world.In our world we have a duty for our world,which only youth  can do this for world.Most of people are not interest for development of world.But they only want to develope own country ,where they are living.So they have knew that world are combine of many of countries .If we are doing works for own country than we are also doing same work for our world.In our world ,now there are going compatation for all youth event .which youth event are most important for the carreer of a each of youth.In modern era,most of youth are thinking about own developement.But they do not that ,If you  want a become  great scientits,docter,bussiness man,IAS officer,pollitician,musician and dancer etc.what ever you want.Firstly you have know that we have think about the development of our country,world.Then we can become a good person of our world.Then we can become good member of the youth world .Now there is question mark .what is youth world ?

the youth world

What is meaning of  “The youth world ” ??

The youth world is derived by like this youth +world.we know that meaning of youth ,the younker,young people of our country or world .world is combine of countries like India,usa,canada,Uk, etc.we   think that youth world is combine of youth and world .thTherefor totaly meaning of the youth world is the world is defends upon the work done by the youth .it is called thw youth world.if youth making a perfect of good work for world ,then the world will  stay in better position our galexy.So the developement of our world is defends upon the development of the youth.we have also know that  world will be a  stay in better position ,when we make our duty good in pour life .we have to make good world for our future generations.So we have a world ,lets get mission for change our world.So that we need the youth world.

the youth world

Why we need ” The youth world”  in our life ?

We know that ,If one person born  in world.then he/she will die after some year.But he/she will do many  works for own,for country,for world.If we do anything only for own,then when we die no one will remeber long time.We  all are acters in  our world we have to do many thing for our world,so that people can remeber in long time example-Ghandiji,Subash chandra,APJ abul kalm ,Einsein,Newton,Mandel ect.they are not work for our world.So we need “the youth world” in our life .We have some works for our world,we have to think it in all day of our life.In short period of life w have to do many things for oor world.But we also helps to  other youth to develope our world,then future generation can remeber our work.Threfore “the youth world” is nessessary for our world.The youth world can combine all youth in one place,so that we can do any work with unity.

the youth world

What is advantages of “the youthworld” ?

After combine our idea of youth,we can organise many thing like,youth day events,world youth day.Most important advanges of “the youth world “is we will share our knowledge to one country to other country ,so that the people of other country will be make thrie country  a best place.In the youth world we will help people ,online ,offline by  giving suggetion to the youth.So “the youth world is most important for the our world.we can discuss abouut the developement of youth,developement of youth world,development of country.One of most important thing is ,we can share our experence to other country country people,youth,e can give idea about our  work project,we can able to give notification about our development by the to we share somthing from one country to other by online and offine ? what will we do our youth ?

the youth world

What are youth events for change our world ?

In world youth day we are taking  outh to change our world to make it in a best position ib our galexy.In this youth day we have to think about our “The youth world”.What can I do for youth world ??so that the youth world  will place in best position.In mordern age,all of country goining to be polluted by correption,black money issues etc.we have decreses these things as we can possble.Therefor we have to organise many youth events,youth day events ,youth inrested events for attracting all youth  for the development  of the youth world.

International Youth Day  is celebrete on 12 august in every day for remeber that we have duty for our world.we  all are responsible for the development of our world,the youth world.Only we can take care of our world by the making ‘the youth world”.We have a lots of mission for change our world,country,and state,where we are livining .Only we can able to change our world from bad position to a best position in sing up The youth world website become a member of the youth world..i.e

the youth world


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  1. […] The youth world | What is our duty for youth world . […]

  2. […] The youth world | What is our duty for youth world . […]

  3. […] The youth world | What is our duty for youth world . […]

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