How to we keep our world in better position in modern age?



This blog is for recent news of youth community in our world, current affairs, youth motivation, youth track. youth foundation for the future, most of you are going to wrong ways .so it is for the perfect way to become a good personality. good human being for our future world
In here we will give you new updates about youth way, youth point, your change, science with youth, tech wit youth topics for the challenge to make change our world into a better place .our country, our world is developing day by day but the humanity is decreasing day by day. The motto of our blog is to update you like a good citizen of our world.

Youth are the future icon of tomorrows world. Our world depends upon the activity of our youth. Only we can change the world from one place to other places, which we can be a better world in the future.
Therefore I  have created the third blog for youth motivation, to make youth unity, to make a better world.
 we can also cover in our blog flowing:

  1. youth motivation
  2. youth unity
  3. youth track
  4. the recent discovery by youth
  5. science related with youth
  6. tech related with youth
  7. recent news which is most important for youth
  8. viral news
  9. way to career
  10. jobs related
  11. motivational quotes
  12. communication skill development
  13. good challenge for youth to do for own country
  14. motivation quotes
  15. the social message related course
  16. help to people with this blog

some good challenges for social media.
Most of the people want to become a good scientist, teacher,engg.., management system services, educational officers, IAS officers, a good politician, all jobs etc are we can make it a possibility with to keep our world in a better position.

“Today’s youth are tomorrows’ Icon .”
share this blog to join with all the youth of our country and our world.

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