FACEBOOK:Advantages and Disadvantages of facebook


Advantages and Disadvantages of facebook

FACEBOOK:It is a big social media for communication in society .But we have to know that advantages and disadvantages of facebook,merits and demerits of facebook,facebook benefits ,pros and cons of facebook and disadvantages of social media.We have also know that ,how it is dengeroues for student and benifits for student.how it is idiot medium for students..How it is a good communication medium for developement for our socity.How much it is secure about our personal database.In mordern age is it good for people or not ? you will fnd here.



www.facebook.com/facebook.co is lunched on 4 februyari 2004. It is a one kind of social media.It is also social servicing network company.Which was lunched by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.It is situated in Menlo Park, California.It is a american social networking medium for socity.


Here are some steps for log in /sign up follow this steps cerefully!

  1. First go to this site https://www.facebook.com 
  2. Then,There are two options one sign in to facebook and other is sign up to it.choose any option ,what ever you want.
  3. If you want sign in give your email/phone number and passward and log in into to facebook
  4. If you are new to face book then,sign up first with verification code your phone ,give your details and sign up and  the go to log in into facebook.facebook

This is the log in  and  sign up page  of  it.Most of people are using fb.Today they are usuing fb but don’t know that what are the advantages and disadvantages of fb.which is most impotant thing to know before we use fb.

Advantages and Disadvantages of facebook:

In socity If there is advantages of anyting ,the there is a disadvantages of that thing.There are many things we are goint to discuss of advantages of it with disadvantages of it.Firstly we are going some impotant point of advantages of facebook or merits and demerits of facebook.

Adantages of facebook:

All people know that it is big platform of a social media networking.In here most of news and any kind of image ,video and articles are viral in world in a few minutes .So that that it is a biggest social networking medium for socirty.In here we not goining to read a long story about it.Therefore we are going to discuss point wise .There are some points about advantages of it.


In fb , because of  big social media networking most impotant news,video,image,information  will reach all of facebook user in a sec.So it it a fastest networking medium of socity.We can easily share important information to world.It is also free networking website.So it is good for our people of world.


In facebook we  can make unlimited friends whole over the world.We can add  unlimited friends to our profile.So that we will always close with friends ,if we are in far from our friends.In facebook we able to chat with our friends,voice call,video call can also  available in fb .Which is most attarctive thing  of it.Because of this  features we are always intrest with it.


One of the most impotant features of fb is fb page and fb page group.In facebook page we can  make flowers  for intresting people about praticular thing they are separete from other groups and other pages.which is amazing feature of thing for users and bussiness ,website owners.Website owers are attract to people towards their website and their bussiness .So it is a most impotant thing for it’s users.


In marking age,most of bussiness man are going to facebook because of bussiness propose .They are creating a fb page or fb group and putting their advisement and earning money from this it.


We are developing our creativity from  website .making good photo with photoshop to attract people ,for like and comment,we  make memos for funny ,birthday scripts these all things are creativity of our.we makin our fans form it.


We knew that fb is free flatform,so we can acces it from whole over of worl.we can communicat with fb to other people from one place  to other place.Which is best platfrom for communication medium for people and society.We can share our all thing like emotion,thinking,creatvity to other by seating in a room.we can easily text to other,we share images,we can share videos.we can also watch other videos ,images.One of the most impotant thing  in new update fb status updates in every day or every time.



If there is advantages of anyting the that has also a dis advantages.So it has disadvantages .We can also say that disadvantages of social media.it can also  called that “facebook weaknesses”.Now we are  discuss about disadvantages of fb by some point of it.read carefully


From starting we are discussing that fb is like attracting thing for  youth, the youthworld,people of world.So it attracting people towards to it.Most of students,people,youth.old age people are  using this facebook hour and hour.They only wants to live with fb.So in mordern age,some of people are not living with out it .Student are chatiing their friend to hour-hour.They are active in fb from day to night.So they are westing thier time  in fb.So for students and people we can called fb like as idiot social media.In here people are making friendship with terrolist, criminals,ect.so it is  most important  facebook weaknesses.


When we are gooing to use it ,we have register or sing up to fb.At that time we  will give our personal data to fb   for example -phone number,date of birth,mail,habbit ect.In 2018,there are hacked 50,00 accounts of people so now it’s accoutnts are in danger.Therefore now all it’s users are not inresting to sing up in fb.By this pishing bot ,some of fb accounts are easily hack.So most of people are not intersting to open thier  account into fb.


We discussed about benefits of facebook page in above .In our world all people’s mind are not equallitly so,there many religions in por world , some of people only  wants attract to people to their religion .so they  share religion content ,images,videos ect.Which are not inrested to other religions’s people . SO that other religion people  may be share bad content about other religions ,which is not good for  other people ,which is not good for world,country,state and village.This  is creting bad idea into minds of people to do bad things to  society enveronment.which is not good for society.


We knew taht  it gives to people free service so.many of bad people creating fake account is fake details to vilote or to share bad things to it ,so that good people are effecting fom this.Some of bad people are creting  account with the name of a good people in our society to destory  good person ,personality,activuty ,they will share nude,sexy content with real good name account ,when ever people see this type of thing about a good person ,they will avoid a good people .In reality ,good man did’t uplode anythig to fb.So this is a  most impotant thing for social media and social networking activity.


Because of it,some of of student’s results are gooing to down.Their carreer graph is gooing  to down day by day.Because they are using fb a lot time in day to day life.


Most of people wants to more friend in thier profile so,they wants to add more unknow friends.But they do not know that  all friends are not good ,many of them are terrolist ,bad person,criminals,hacker.They can harmfull for him/her and his account .So  Always we will mind this thigs ,when we want a more friend s to our profile.Do not try this on fb .It is not good for you.



In comptur age,tracking a website is defficult,But some people always wants to hack a website ,because they think that tracking,bad things are their passion.Most of people also trying to hack public accout.because they wants see other fb account’s activity.Today some of people are not inrested to join fb or social media .


From this articls we know that  facebook benefits,disadvantages of using facebook for business,essay on facebook advantages and disadvantages,short essay on facebook and students,facebook weaknesses,
benefits of facebook page,merits and demerits of facebook.Use fb for yoour development not for bad activity because ,this things are harmfull for society,new youth,youth world,our world,the youth world.Most of people wants do bad things into fb.which not good for envermental of society.We have to  make good world not a bad world .So therefore youthare responsible for this ,to development world, country,state.

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