72nd Inedependence day news of PM Narendra modi.

In the holy occation of Happy indepedence day PM Narendra Modi:keeped a dedicated speech in front of public.first of all,in early morning he thought about dedication of the father of india Mahatma Ghandi in their dedicated place rajghat,than he have keeped his speech in red fort in Dheli.first of all he sait about te education right and education how effecting the village area people and how they are going to develove his/her life.the main things are like “beti bachhao,beti padao “,sacha bharat Abiyan,Digital India,Indiastart up, some project.Main important topic hr said that:


  • By 2022 india will send ….his son and daughter in space with national flag.
  • Pradhan matri arogya yajana launched on sep 25.
  • Womens short service chance to get permanet commision.
  • In our country there no different between girls and boys.every one are human being.every one get chance equally.Today most of  women are faster than men.so by 2022  india will send their son daughter into the space with  our national flag.Narendra Modi also told about the economy of our country incresing  day by day.which is good for our country.he aslo elabreted the sone important progarams like:
  • Pradhan Mantri arogya yojana
  • Sachha Bharat abhiyan
  • Beti bachao ,Beti padao
  • Digital India

Start up india.
In end of his speech he again gave motivated our youth to concentrate their works for developement  of our country.

Jai Hind !!!


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