Mahabaleshwar ‘s wonders:

pic of mahabaleswar ,this is nature of mahabaleswar
strawberry of mahabaleswar

Mahabaleswar is belongs to sarata distric in maharastra is a small town .theire muncipality area under of samll town theire are big wonders for vist .one of most important is there are large of mountains to enjoy your life .there aree some list of tourest place to vist in summer.

Knowledge Resulmmer season.

1.Lingmala Waterfall
This is a woderfull waterfall .this is also a best place in even seen your life.most beatifull place ever you seen in your is a safe waterfall.
Pratapgad also a best palce to vist in summer is a wonder full historical place in our world.maharaj pratap’s area belongs to this point.there are many historical instument you can is situated top hill.wonder full place  for everlife .which is best place to vist.
3.Venna lake:
every one wants to boating in thier life it is a place ,where you can do it.there are situated a hourse riding system.most of people wants to go this place boating and is a best place to share your time with nature.

some pic of mahabaleswar

 4.Elephant’s head point:
this also a mots beatifull palce to enjoy nature of wild and is a part of hill.this hills stucture like a elephant .so it is called like this.wonder full place ever.
5.Echo point:
This is amazing place for here ,most of people come to vist and test echo of tha nature.if you call somthing the mountains are echo its more 10 times .so it is a best pplace to vist .it is also situated in mahabaleswar.

Knowledge Result

Last impotant thing in summer season ,there you can see strawberry,real strawberry trees,strawberry garden.who likes strawberry .in here strawberry are low price and most time strawberry will free .go and enjoy your life with real nature.

Mahabaleswar is a most wonderfull tourest palce is India.It is a unique wonderfull in world .visit and enjoy the nature of maha baleswar and mountains nature. one of the most beatifull place of India.

If you interest to go mahabaleswar trip ,this map and details link bellow.



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