WE know that our mother land India independence on 15th aug 1947.Our country also independence in this day.It is holy moment of our country.At time our country had got independence from british .Many of our freedom fighter dedicated their life for our independence.The great fredon fighters are,Mahathama Gandhi,Subash chandra bosh,Bhagat sing,lal bal pal,Birsha Munada,Janshi Rani,sahid Jay raj Guru,lal bahadur shatri etc.They dedicated their life for our independence.More than milions people  dedicated theire life only for our freedom.

Today there are question in front of us.
In here my opinion is:we are not realy independence.
we know that our country have independence on 15 aug 1947.But we are not independence.
becouse of flowing reason:-

  • Stil today every one not get thier all human right.
  • In most village not have educated people ,so they are nor found education right.then how to we can say we are realy independece.
  • In village area most of people ,most of people not get their opportunity .Than Can you say how can they get equality right.
  • In our country poor becomes more poor,and richer becomes more richer.
  • In our country womens are not safety with her lifes.the rape cases are increseing day by day.ASIFA and other girls are most important example of this our country in night time ,girls are not get their equalty right in her life .Than how can we say girls are get their human rights??how can we say they are get equality right in their life.if they are not independence ,then the country which they are belonging that country also not independence for them.
  • In our country,corruption is going to increse day by day but the humanity of our country is decresing day by dayIn our country ,corruption is start from a tea shop to big big poltical level.then how can we say we are really got our independence.
  • Today the some of polticians are doing works for their benefits for our nation and not for our people.
  • Therefore,In 2018,independence is for the people ,by people and of people has been changed like independence is not for the people,off the people and by the money.
  • Today also their are going cool third nation war,Hindu vs muslim,hindu VS jammu and kashmir  is right exam.if it increse then,one day it will become  a world war.we are human being ,from the human right we can choose the different religion as our like.our freedom fighters are dediated thein life only for this case ?If we not fight each other and give unity with other tahn we can make our country in no 1 position in our world.we are westing our energy in religion case.STOP it !!!we are all brother and sisters.
  • In village are some chidrens are not get thire education right.They dont know about school.they not understand what is rright and wrong.So how can we say we are really independence.if we people are not independence ,than how to we can say that thier staying country is independence??

from the following case it is proved that ,our country is independence on 15 aug 1947.but we are not really independence.
we all get all human right than we can get our freedom.But this works we have to do .becuase we are the youth of our country.
we have to take ought that we will try make our country is best.

“if we are independence than our socity is independence”
“if our socity is independence ,than our nation alos independence”

                  “Be good ,make good country”
                          “Happy independence day”

                                        jai HIND!


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